E-ADR IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR UNIONBANK CUSTOMERS! Through e-ADR, you can generate your own AR reference number and need not have to wait for manual validation by us. To learn more about how to enroll or use the e-ADR, you may click on this link: E-ADR User Guide


• Validation of deposits and issuance of ADRs will be during Billing Hours, Mondays to Fridays 0800H to 1700H only (excluding Holidays). Please anticipate your ADR fund requirements and process during billing hours to avoid any inconvenience.

• Please refrain from making deposits in small amounts or on a transactional basis. Kindly deposit a good lump sum that you could use in your future transactions with us. You may use up to five (5) ADR references in one transaction should any of your ADRs is already insufficient for payment.

• ADR means an Advance Deposit Receipt where we issue Acknowledgement Receipt with ADR Number for confirmed bank credits and should not be construed as a complete payment of port charges. You still must process the payment in our ACTS Online facility selecting ADR as the mode of payment in order to have the charges cleared and to generate your electronic official receipts (e-OR).

• For seamless internet payment process, without the need of advance deposit, we highly encourage you to register to the Online Banking Portal of any of our partner banks (UBP, BDO, UCPB and MBTC) interfaced in our ACTS Online facility. Reach out to any of these banks and request to have your ACTS account be included in merchant list for payments.

• For your ADR concerns, kindly contact our Billing and Customer Care teams through MICTBillingGroup@ictsi.com and customercare@ictsi.com

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